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GivingTuesday: Resources for nonprofits

GivingTuesday: Resources for nonprofits

The countdown to GivingTuesday is on. For nearly 10 years, we have provided our nonprofit audiences with ideas for how to incorporate this huge day of generosity into Q4 fundraising plans.

This year, GivingTuesday lands on November 30. The mission is simple: it’s a day to do good—through time, through donations or through the power of your voice.

There are many resources out there to prepare you ahead of time for a successful GivingTuesday this November. Here are some great ones that live on our website—all in one place for easy reference:

Another great way to get motivated is by visiting the GivingTuesday blog where they post stories of inspiration and other campaigns within the movement, including #GivingEveryTuesday.

Communication is key

GivingTuesday does such a great job of providing resources and tools for anyone looking to get involved. Whether you act this year or need inspiration for future years and fundraising campaigns, look at what they’re doing in way of making it easy for others to get involved and spread the word.

We particularly like how the organization provides a plethora of templates in Canva for social media and digital use that can be customized. This allows everyone to post and share the messaging on the channels of their choosing while also staying within the GivingTuesday brand.

Use your networks

Get your donors involved, yes, but spread the word through all your channels and networks. This can include:

  • Board members
  • Sponsors and Partners
  • Volunteers
  • Event attendees

How will your nonprofit take part in GivingTuesday this year? We’d love to hear about your campaigns. Give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook about it; let’s amplify those messages!

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