Our goal is to make you feel comfortable when working with us. Below are a few of our frequently asked questions regarding our fundraising platform. If you have other questions that are not listed below, please contact us.


What types of fundraising campaigns can be created with your service?

You can use 4aGoodCause to accept online payment for many purposes. This includes online donations, event registration and ticketing, membership sales or even product sales. In addition you can launch peer-to-peer or crowdfunding campaigns to enable supporters to fundraise on your behalf.

Can the nonprofit create a campaign that reflects its brand? If yes, what is the process and is there a charge?

Our step-by-step campaign builder allows you to customize our fundraising system to match the needs of your nonprofit. In addition to matching your brand, you can customize other elements such as the form fields and automatic e-mail receipts. There is no additional charge for this customization.

Are payment pages usable on all computers, tablets and mobile devices?

Yes. You need to meet your donors wherever they are. Online. Smartphones. Tablets. Collecting payments using our responsive designed payment forms is easy.

Is my payment page and account information safe and secure?

Yes, security is our first priority. Your donors will be safe as they make transactions and your data will be kept secure as it is stored on our servers. Not only is our service secure but we go out of our way to communicate that security to your donors. This communication boosts your conversion rate.

Security features of 4aGoodCause include:

  • Strict adherence to best practices in e-commerce security
  • SSL encryption of all data with Thawte security certificates
  • Certified PCI security compliance
  • Card security code verification to prevent fraud
  • Address verification to prevent fraud
  • We do not store usable credit cards on our servers

What is your donor privacy policy? Will donor information be shared with anyone apart from the nonprofit to whom the contribution is designated?

4aGoodCause will not sell, trade, rent or otherwise share donor personal information with any organization outside of the nonprofit to which the contribution is designated. View our privacy policy.

Can I accept recurring donations and payments?

Yes. Many of our good causes use our pages to accept recurring monthly donations. In fact, we have a monthly giving toolkit to help you acquire and retain more monthly givers.

Do you provide utilities that let nonprofits check on the total donations made/received over a certain period?

Yes. Nonprofits receive a reporting site that allows them to view all donor data collected through the site. They may also download this data into Excel or CSV. In addition, nonprofits can use this web site to manage aspects of their online forms.

Credit Card Processing

What payment providers do you support?

To process payments on the 4aGoodCause fundraising platform, your nonprofit must have one of the following payment providers: Stripe or Authorize.net. If you do not already have these accounts we can help you acquire them. PayPal can also be added as a payment option for your donors. Contact us for more information.

Can we use our existing merchant account or payment gateway provider with the 4aGoodCause service?

While we believe our merchant account partner offers the best rates and service available if you want to use our service with your own merchant account provider we can typically still work with you. Contact us for compatibility and pricing details.

How, and how often, will a nonprofit receive the contributions received through your service?

Since the nonprofit is processing the online payments through their own Internet merchant account, donations are deposited directly into their existing bank account. Typically, You’ll receive deposits directly into your checking account 1-2 business days after the transactions are taken.


What does it cost a nonprofit to sign on?

Nonprofits can sign up for as little as $99/month. See our pricing page for details on our plans.

What percentage of contributions, if any, does your service retain?

Zero. Unlike other providers, we do not hold out a percentage of contributions.

Are there any credit card fees?

Yes. Your payment provider handles your credit card processing. All payment providers charge transaction fees. These typically range from 1% to 3% of each transaction. 4aGoodCause does not charge transaction fees. Contact us for information and pricing on our payment partners.

Can we ask donors to "help cover transaction expenses"?

Yes, you can enable a box that will ask donors to help you cover transaction expenses but unlike other providers that add-on donation does not go to us. It all goes to your nonprofit! 4aGoodCause does not charge transaction fees.

Do you require a minimum time commitment?

No. We offer both annual and month-to-month plans.