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4 components of a perfect year-end donation page

The perfect fundraising landing pages are clean, simple and optimized for donors visiting your site on any device – mobile, desktop or otherwise. With nearly one-third of annual giving happening in December, getting your donation pages to stand out can boost your chances of that final increase in dollars raised this year.

Here are four key areas to dress up on your donation page this holiday season as you kick off your year-end giving campaign.

Synchronize to your donation page

All year-end asks should steer donors to your donation landing page. Call-outs on social media? To your online donation page. Email asks at the end of the month? To your online donation page. Postcards and mailed letters? You guessed it – still give the option to make those donations via your online donation page.

No matter the method you’re using to get the word out about your year-end campaign, always link back to your online donation page as a way to make it convenient for your donors (and you) to meet those fundraising goals.

Provide options

By giving donors the option to give online, you also can showcase more giving options than you may otherwise be able to do on other platforms. With your donation page you should showcase:

  • A variety of giving levels
  • Opportunities for matched gifts
  • The option to make recurring gifts
  • Additional ways for donors to spread the word – social media sharing buttons, email shares, etc.

Your donation page should be easy to navigate. It should also display security badges that provide donors reassurance that your online donation page and platform encrypt donors’ data so that it remains safe. Because the holiday season can also bring out scammers, this reassurance of security is highly recommended to show potential donors that you are a legit and trustworthy organization.

Show progress

Year-end is a great time to provide your donors with insight into how much they’ve helped you raise this year and how close you are to reaching your annual goal. Whether you’re earmarking year-end donations for specific programs or campaigns, or you’re executing an organizational-wide push, use your online donation page to share with your visitors how close you are to reaching those goals. This helps show how important each gift is and how your donors make a difference.

Pull on the heartstrings and the purse strings

Tell your story and get your donors thinking about how their end-of-year gifts can make an impact that is two-fold. Not only are they supporting a wonderful cause, but they are also able to make sound financial decisions for tax purposes that may help lessen what they owe to Uncle Sam. This time of year is also great to showcase who you are to those who don’t know much about you. Many people who make donations at the end of the year do so to support the charities they love, but would also donate regardless because it’s part of who they are and what they do. Why not try to expand your reach and story during the final month of the year to reach those who may not yet know how great you are?

There’s still time to get your year-end fundraising campaign going. Check out these tips for how to craft a successful year-end campaign even if you’re just getting started.

Need more inspiration? Download our free Donation Page Checklist for year-end and year-round planning to make the most of your donors’ time when they land on your site.


Ronald Pruitt

Ronald Pruitt

Ronald is the President and Founder of 4aGoodCause, the fundraising CRM that makes recurring, monthly giving a breeze for small nonprofits.

For over 25 years, Ronald has had the joy of doing what he loves, building online solutions that make a difference in the world. He’s helped raise millions of dollars online for small nonprofits across the country. Connect with Ronald on LinkedIn.

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