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Give back on July 4th

Give back on July 4th

The United States of America represents the ideals of democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity and equality.

As we celebrate July 4th this week we want to take a moment to say thanks to a community working hard to uphold these ideals, the nonprofit community.

We get a chance to work with some amazing, dedicated nonprofit professionals making a difference in the world. That work is needed more than ever right now.

We appreciate the opportunity to support these important organizations.

Below are three nonprofits we work with that are trying to create a more fair and just society.

Do your patriotic duty and donate to these organizations (or your favorite charity) on Independence Day!

Root and Rebound

Root & Rebound is a Reentry Advocacy Center dedicated to improving the lives of reentering citizens and maximizing their opportunities for success in the community.

Stonewall Community Foundation

Stonewall Community Foundation is the only public foundation focused on the needs of NYC’s diverse LGBTQ community.

Project Implicit

Project Implicit is a non-profit organization committed to advancing scientific knowledge about stereotypes, prejudice, and other group-based biases.

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients! You have our deepest gratitude.

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