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3 features of Snapchat that can benefit nonprofits

To many, it is a surprise that Snapchat has come so far. The app was developed first for iOS devices only by Stanford graduates Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy in 2011 and quickly rose to popularity by 2012. Its main function allows users to send photos and videos that can be viewed for 10 seconds and then disappear, never to be seen again. Believe it or not, this short-term function can yield big results and long-term success.

Maybe you don’t see the benefits of adding yet another social media channel to your nonprofit’s strategy. Before dismissing the idea of using Snapchat, take a look at what this app can accomplish for your nonprofit.

1. Geofilter

Geofilters are an inexpensive and exciting way to promote your nonprofit using custom filters and a GPS coverage of a specific geographical location. This is how it works: your organization can create a unique filter that promotes the organization by using logos, words, colors, and images. Using any (yes, any!) Snapchat account, you will select dates and times you want the filter to be active, followed by selecting the specific geographic area. Covering an entire block for two hours would cost less than $10. This feature is a great way to bring awareness to your nonprofit. Events are an especially good time to set up a filter and make it live.

2. Engaged Audience

Since Snapchat boasts up to 100 million active users every day, there is tremendous opportunity to engage with an involved audience. Snapchat’s increased popularity has fostered an audience eager to interact with one another. Taking advantage of Snapchat to reach new demographics can ultimately provide long-term success and awareness of your nonprofit by users. With over 300 million active users each month, it is a simple way to deliver content quickly to a wide audience.

3. Visual Storytelling

Snapchat allows its users a creative approach to visual story-telling. The ability to quickly upload a temporary photo or video is a perfect way to give your followers a peek into day-to-day life or a behind-the-scenes look into your nonprofit. Having an outing with your co-workers? Take a photo! Planning a big event? Share some details with your followers with a few short videos. You can even connect with other nonprofits and collaborate. These features allow your nonprofit to be transparent with your audience in a fun and engaging way.

These are a few ways Snapchat can allow your nonprofit to thrive in new ways with a wider audience. Not only can you get your nonprofit’s name in front of a wider audience, you can also share unique moments and fun facts about your nonprofit or cause with your audience. Get to know your audience and give them opportunities to get to know you.

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Ronald Pruitt

Ronald Pruitt

Ronald is the President and Founder of 4aGoodCause, the fundraising CRM that makes recurring, monthly giving a breeze for small nonprofits.

For over 25 years, Ronald has had the joy of doing what he loves, building online solutions that make a difference in the world. He’s helped raise millions of dollars online for small nonprofits across the country. Connect with Ronald on LinkedIn.

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