Tribute Gifts Make a Difference: 7 Ways to Add them to Your Fundraising Mix

Tribute gifts—donations triggered by a life event (a birth, a marriage, a death) or in honor of a person, can make a big impact on nonprofits. Watch Ronald Pruitt, President and Founder of 4aGoodCause, as he walks through 7 tribute gift strategies to consider as you add them to your fundraising mix.

In this webinar, Ronald will give participants a strategy for attracting more tribute donations, especially online.  Learn

  • How to add tribute gift options to your website
  • How to set up instant notifications of tributes to others
  • Elements to consider on tribute donation landing pages
  • Recognition ideas for tribute gifts

This webinar is especially great for nonprofits in the healthcare, medical, education or humanitarian sectors, though everyone is encouraged to watch!

Click CC on the Youtube player to enable closed captioning. 

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