How your Nonprofit can Host a Successful Giving Day

Giving days have grown out of nonprofits coming together to fundraise on a particular day. Think of days like Giving Tuesday or Georgia Gives Day. These can be interesting to participate in but you don’t have to wait for a community-wide or international giving day to reap the fundraising benefits; you can host one of your own.

Watch this webinar to learn how your nonprofit can host its own annual giving day. Hosting a giving day can be a simple, fun way to generate awareness for your cause, acquire new donors, and raise money for your mission. Register to learn how to make this fundraising technique work for your nonprofit.

In this webinar Ronald will guide you through:

  • How to choose the right date for your giving day
  • How to leverage cause awareness days
  • Planning steps to be successful
  • How to brand your giving day
  • How to promote your giving day before and during the event
  • Must-have elements your fundraising page needs to convert more gifts
  • Examples of past nonprofit-led giving days to inspire you
  • Donor retention steps to take after the giving day

Be sure to download our 2021 Cause Awareness Days Calendar. This calendar includes special dates and monthly observances that can add meaning to your nonprofit’s outreach. Use this calendar template to plan key dates and themes for your 2021 donor communication and fundraising.

Click CC on the Youtube player to enable closed captioning. 

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