How to Overcome Fear and Motivate Your Board Members to Fundraise

Presentation and Q&A with Claire Axelrad

Struggling to get your board members or volunteers committed to your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts? Make sure to watch this webinar! Join Ronald Pruitt, President, and Founder of 4aGoodCause, as he welcomes Claire Axelrad, Founder of Clairification to discuss overcoming fundraising fear.

This interactive webinar will you through a step-by-step process of getting reluctant staff and board members not only comfortable with fundraising but actually zealous about it! When you reframe the approach, make better assignments, and offer gentle support, you can turn ‘loathing’ to ‘loving.’

In this webinar, learn how to help staff, board members and volunteers:

  • Understand the reasons for fundraising
  • Overcome the most common fear-based barriers (and cultural barriers) to fundraising
  • Reframe the fundraising approach
  • Break bad habits
  • Take on fundraising assignments with joy

This webinar is great for executive management, development/advancement teams, program staff, board members, and even volunteers—anyone who may participate as an ambassador, advocate, or asker.

Click CC on the Youtube player to enable closed captioning. 

Praise for this webinar

Direct, clear, and extremely useful information that can be applied immediately. I am going to work with my CEO to implement the A - A - A method for our board!

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