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Free on-demand webinars for 4aGoodCause customers

Free on-demand webinars for 4aGoodCause customers

As a part of our new pricing packages, we are partnering with CharityHowTo to offer its Silver Membership (a $277 annual savings) to all of our Growing and Mid-size plan customers for free. We want to continue to be a resource to our clients, in all ways, with education being the forefront of that.

How this program can help you succeed

Knowledge is the pathway to success. We want to see you be successful. One such way to see that success flourish is through programs like CharityHowTo. Through this partnership, you will have access to hundreds of on-demand webinars covering topics that range from fundraising and grant writing to events and volunteer management. Browse by expert or browse by topic to get the most out of what you need to make you successful.

Certified learning and growth

The webinars offered by CharityHowTo are CFRE-approved and are open to up to 3 additional co-workers within your organization. Create a library that supports your learning goals and access these materials from anywhere. With access to CharityHowTo, you’ll find hundreds of on-demand webinars and supporting materials. You’ll have access to:

  • Free content in addition to on-demand training
  • Nearly 30 training topics
  • Over 20 nonprofit experts

Learn from experts such as Jeff Brooks, a 25-year nonprofit veteran; Julia Campbell, who consults with nonprofits after serving as a one-woman development and marketing shop in the nonprofit sector; and A.J. Steinberg, a household name in the nonprofit world and founder of Queen Bee Fundraising. These experts have paved the way for nonprofit professionals to learn, grow and make a difference. Check out what some are saying about these great online training opportunities.

A variety of topics to choose from

CharityHowTo’s on-demand library is updated on a regular basis. To give you a taste of the timely content you can choose from, here is a shortlist of topics currently available:

  • Ethical Storytelling for Fundraising Communications
  • How to Start a Coronavirus Relief Fund for Nonprofit Employees
  • How to Grow a Legacy Pipeline on a Shoestring Budget
  • Leading in a Crisis
  • Grant Evaluation: How to Successfully Include Evaluation in Smaller Grants
  • Fundraising in the Time of Coronavirus
  • How to Create an Effective Event Budget

And there are so many more to choose from. To view all on-demand training topics, see the full list of nonprofit recorded webinars here.

How to access free, on-demand webinars as a 4aGoodCause customer

Individual classes and training of this nature can run anywhere from $100 to $250 apiece. If you were to purchase the CharityHowTo courses individually, you’d still start at $49.99 for a one-hour training. However, by becoming a 4aGoodCause customer in either our Growing or Mid-size pricing plans, you’ll save hundreds of dollars in training a year and get access to all of the on-demand training for free! Our gift to you. To learn more about this partnership or to get started, contact us for information. To your success!

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