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Cause awareness days 2021: A planning calendar for nonprofits

Cause awareness days 2021: A planning calendar for nonprofits

Each year we create a calendar with updated key dates, holidays and monthly themes pertinent to nonprofits across the globe. This year, we have updated that list that includes daily, weekly and monthly observances, to help in your donor communication and content planning.

Download our free 2021 Cause Awareness Days Calendar

Knowing these key dates ahead of time can save you time and provide you with ideas as you dive into fundraising for the year, plan social media content or craft direct mail, email campaigns or other donor touchpoints.

Last year, we gave you this post with 4 steps on how to use the calendar and when to start planning for key milestones throughout the year.

As you plan your fundraising strategies and content for 2021, print out a copy of our 2021 Cause Awareness Guide and stick it on your bulletin board or in an easy-to-access folder on your desk. Pull it out and refer to it often so as to not miss key dates in the year.

These cause days can open the door to developing key content surrounding your nonprofit’s mission and provides a way to share your personality, your story and your values in a way that resonates with present-day, real-time observances.

What are your plans for using key observances and dates as part of your 2021 fundraising plan?

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