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2023 cause awareness days for nonprofits

2023 cause awareness days for nonprofits

Each year we update our annual cause awareness calendar to make it easy for nonprofits to track key dates and events to help with key messaging and campaigns.

Flipping the calendar to a new year means an updated list of special dates and cause awareness months/days that can add flavor to your fundraising campaigns and messaging. Our annual cause awareness post makes it easy for you to prepare each month, quarter or year in full.

Download our 2023 cause awareness days calendar organized by month to get started on your cause awareness campaigns. 

What is an awareness campaign?

Awareness campaigns in the simplest form, are meant to drive recognition – of your nonprofit, of a specific cause, of a specific event – and are typically time-sensitive. This could mean the campaign is hooked to a specific date, to a specific month or to a specific quarter in the year.

The goal of these awareness campaigns can depend on your organization. They can be brand-focused by simply driving conversation and education around a cause. Or, they can be money-focused, driving fundraising initiatives.

Fun for a cause

Either way you slice it, cause awareness campaigns can have longevity if you plan for them. Make these days fun and shareable across all platforms. You can do this by:

  • Creating social media posts for your internal and external audiences to share on your behalf
  • Creating a contest with a cause hashtag (i.e. #DryJanuary) and ask donors to tag you in pictures of themselves relevant to the cause/doing a fun activity based on that day/month
  • Creating drip email campaigns with facts, tips or count-downs to the cause day/month

More cause awareness day ideas

Our previous cause awareness days articles offer good advice for how to plan, where to update content and how to get your audience involved. Check them out as a refresher:

Plan and decide whether you will blow out some of these cause days in full as full-fledged fundraising campaigns, or if they are days that make sense to talk about and educate your audience through other means that don’t involve fundraising. There is no right or wrong way to participate in cause awareness messaging. Make it true to your values and engaging to your audience.

Download our free 2023 Cause Awareness Days Calendar

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